Table 2

Regional grey matter density reduction in 29 mild to moderate AD patients compared with 26 non-demented controls

Stereotactic coordinates (mm)
Cluster size k (mm3)RegionxyzZ score
L=left, R=right. The first line denotes the presence of a 3D cluster made of 138 contiguous voxels of significantly decreased (p<0.05 corrected for multiple comparisons) grey matter density. The most significant voxel of the cluster has stereotactic coordinates of 32, −4, and −20 and is located in the region of the right hippocampal/amygdalar complex. Within the same cluster there is a second peak of significance distant more than 8 mm from the former and located at 26, −6, −14.
138 (1104)R hippocampus (head)/ amygdala32−4−205.99
R hippocampus (head)/ amygdala26−6−145.79
45 (360)R uncus206−225.92
R anterior amygdala2610−265.84
45 (360)R hippocampus (tail)24−3445.60
43 (344)R anterior cingulate834185.58
12 (96)L middle temporal gyrus−56−14−145.26
56 (448)L hippocampus (head)−26−8−165.21
13 (104)L hippocampus (body)−36−28−125.20
5 (40)L caudate (head)−102025.14
8 (64)R superior temporal gyrus54−42145.09
33 (264)R middle temporal gyrus52−30−25.07
R middle temporal gyrus54−22−104.84
4 (32)L precuneus−10−62345.03
9 (72)R precuneus18−66324.96
4 (32)L middle frontal gyrus−26−10564.95
4 (32)L middle frontal gyrus−2844−124.94
8 (64)R fusiform gyrus52−40−224.89
3 (24)L precuneus−10−54364.82
1 (8)R hippocampus (body)38−24−144.80
1 (8)L insula−4410−24.78
1 (8)L anterior amygdala−248−244.78
3 (24)R uncus28−8−384.76
4 (32)R middle temporal gyrus52−8−164.75
2 (16)R insula44−26184.75
4 (32)R precuneus4−52304.75
1 (8)R fusiform gyrus58−36−264.75
2 (16)R insula50−484.74
1 (8)R hippocampus (tail)38−30−124.74
1 (8)L posterior cingulate0−46444.71
1 (8)R insula384124.71
1 (8)R hippocampus (tail)36−32−104.70
1 (8)R superior temporal gyrus54−58284.69
1 (8)L precuneus−30−70344.69