Table 4

Case reports and series of idiopathic camptocormia

Report (first author)Sex M:FAge, mean/rangeOnsetPatternCK IU/lParaspinal EMG:Limb EMGLumbar paraspinal mus bxOther mus bxRadiological examination paraspinal musRadiological examination. lumbar spineMiscellaneous
N, normal; ↑, increased; ↓, decreased; mod, moderate; CK, creatine kinase; mus, muscle; bx, biopsy; EMG, electromyogram; PSW, positive sharp waves; fibs, fibrillation; amp, amplitude; MUAP, motor unit action potential; rec, recruitment; CRD, complex repetitive discharges; degen, degenerative changes; regen, regenerative changes; inflam, inflammatory; “–”, not done/information not available.
Delisle441:1357–75Few weeks–9 yFibrosisLow density heterogeneous appearance
Laroche465:2263.5/51–815.2±3 yMild weakness of other mus in 4NNeurogenic in 5, myopathic in 11, “uninterpretable” in 16Deltoid, gluteal: myopathic in 6, distal leg: neurogenic in 5Fibrosis, mod inflam infiltrate in 1Deltoid:N in 5Low density heterogeneous appearanceLumbar disc arthrosis, spondylolisthesis in 5.Family history of similar deformity in 20
Hilliquin484:1261–86No other weakness↑ in 4 (value not indicated)Neuropathic in 4, myopathic in 1Atrophy, fibrosis; mod inflam infiltrate in 6, necrotic fibres in 3Atrophy; fibrosis; mod inflam infiltrate in 6AtrophyExtrapyramidal features in 5
Ehrenstein470:1756 monthsNSmall, short MUAP with CRD at lumbar segmentSmall, short MUAP with CRDQuadriceps: type II atrophyAtrophy and heterogeneity
Poullin492:063–64Non-specific changes including atrophyAtrophy and hypodensity
Pennison-Besnier450:17216 monthsNeurogenic changesAreas of hypodensityFacet joint arthritis, spinal stenosis at lumbar 4 and 5 segmentsNo extrapyramidal features
Serratrice365:360.6/49–75↑ in 2Myopathic in 5, myopathic and neuropathic in 1, N in 2Fibrosis in 2, necrosis and regen in 1, “fingerprint” in 1myopathic in 4Areas of hypodensityNFamily history of similar deformity in 2