Table 3

Regional grey matter density reduction in 3 very mild AD patients (MMSE of 26 and 27) compared with 26 non-demented controls (p<0.0001 uncorrected)

Stereotactic coordinates (mm)
Cluster size k (mm3)RegionxyzZ score
L=left, R=right.
29 (232)R hippocampus (head)/ amygdala24−4−224.19
5 (40)L middle frontal gyrus−2444−124.10
13 (104)L hippocampus (head)/ amygdala−28−2−224.02
6 (48)L middle temporal gyrus−3410−404.02
1 (8)R inferior temporal gyrus58−54−123.87
5 (40)L middle temporal gyrus−320−423.83
1 (8)R precentral gyrus624263.81
2 (16)L medial frontal gyrus−838−83.74