Table 1

Our classification of deaths in random subgroup of 38 cases before and after PM report

Cases (n)Death certified asBeforeAfter
181a epilepsyprobable SUDEPSUDEP
21a SUDEPprobable SUDEPstatus epilepticus
21a epileptic seizureprobable SUDEPSUDEP
11a epilepsyprobable SUDEPSUDEP
1b head injury
11a asphyxiaprobable SUDEPSUDEP
1b epilepsy
11a respiratory failureprobable SUDEPSUDEP
1b epilepsy
11a epilepsyprobable SUDEPSUDEP
1b cerebral aneurysm (operated)
11a bronchopneumoniastatus epilepticusstatus epilepticus
1b status epilepticus
21a status epilepticusstatus epilepticusstatus epilepticus
11a status epilepticusstatus epilepticusSUDEP
21a aspirationaspirationaspiration
21a drowningdrowningdrowning
11a ischaemic heart diseasenon-epilepsy deathSUDEP
11 epilepsy