Table 2

Comparison of volume parameters between each diagnostic group

p Value
The differences between groups were assessed by one way analysis of variance (VV: F=20.616, p<0.0001; ICV: F=14.390, p<0.0001; VV/ICV ratio: F=36.664, p<0.0001).
BA, brain atrophy; HV, healthy volunteer; ICV, intracranial CSF volume; INPH, idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus; SNPH, secondary normal pressure hydrocephalus; VV, ventricular volume.
INPH v SNPH0.0055<0.0010.9928
INPH v BA<0.0010.9984<0.001
INPH v HV<0.001<0.001<0.001
SNPH v BA0.9468<0.001<0.001
SNPH v HV0.00550.9996<0.001
BA v HV0.0177<0.0010.0644