Table 1

Reasons for failure to complete comparative study of assessment of carotid stenosis in 73 consecutive patients with severe carotid stenosis

DSACT angiographyMR angiography
*One patient required transfusion owing to blood loss.
CT, computed tomography; DSA, digital subtraction angiography; MR, magnetic resonance.
No room on waiting list0514
Not done (fault lay with procedure)4/73 (5%)2/68 (3%)6/59 (10%)
1 previous reaction to contrast1 previous reaction to contrast4 claustrophobia
2 leg artery problems1 refusal2 refusals
1 refusals
Not done (fault lay elsewhere)1/736/686/59
1 (reason not collected)2 too ill1 too ill
3 ill/refused after DSA reaction5 ill/refused after DSA reaction
1 (reason not collected)
Adverse reactions7/68 (10%)00
1 groin haematoma*
1 unstable angina
1 required transfusion
1 ischaemic leg
1 non-occlusive iliac artery dissection
Procedure done but data lost110