Table 1

Main symptoms and signs in 25 patients with medically unexplained disability

PatientMain symptomsMain signs
1Weak legs with abnormal sensationParaplegia and weak arm
2Weak right legMonoplegia and left foot inversion
3Knee pain, inability to walk, fits,Paraplegia
4Fatigue and shaking of left legFlat, affectless facies
5Weak legs and hands, dysphagia, incontinenceDysarthria, hemiplegia, variable tremor
6Fatigue, pain, weak left sideMinimal left sided weakness
7Blackouts with shaking of right armMild left hand weakness
8Low back pain and sudden collapseVariable incomplete paraplegia
9Proximal myalgiaAbnormally slow gait
10Blackouts, distal pain and numbness, difficulty using right handAbnormal gait, mild peripheral weakness
11Weak painful swollen lower legs, fatigueWeak legs, bilateral fixed foot plantar flexion and inversion
12Useless left leg, inability to walk, fatigueImmobility, left leg weakness
13Painful and rubbery left arm, blackouts with left arm shakingImmobile left arm with flexed fingers
14Fatigue, myalgiaNone
15Neck and arm pain with dizziness and shaking all overMild titubation and leg tremor, mild distal weakness
16Right sided shaking, incontinenceImmobile right lower leg, hand tremor
17Inturned left foot, left foot shakingPlantar flexion and inversion of left foot
18Blackouts and fatigueNone
19Left sided weakness, abnormal speech, fitsDysphasia, left hemiplegia, complete left sensory loss
20Weak legs with low back pain, previous fitsIncomplete paraplegia
21Inability to stand up because of dizziness, sensory change below waistNone
22Myalgia and fatigueMajor generalised muscle wasting
23Right leg and back pain with fatigueNone
24Low back pain, inability to stand for over 15 minutes, fatigue, fitsNone
25Weak numb legs, reduced balance, impaired visionProfound paraplegia, arm weakness