Table 2

Summarised results of the individual SPM analyses: sequential finger and foot movement tasks (total n=9 patients)

 (SPM, p<0.005)Number 
 (SPM, p<0.001)Mean (SD*) Z maximum
SMC, sensorimotor cortex; PMC, premotor cortex; SMA, supplementary motor area; cl/il, contralateral/ipsilateral to the moved extremity; mean Z maximum, mean of the local Z maximums of the SPM cluster;
*standard deviations (SD) were only determined if the number of identifiable Z (sub-)maximums was ⩾4.
Sequential finger movement
    SMC cl974.79 (0.54)
    SMC il623.77 (0.47)
    PM cl624.39
    PM il643.74 (0.29)
    SMA cl753.50 (0.51)
    SMA il853.64 (0.35)
    Cerebellum cl654.48 (0.70)
    Cerebellum il974.12 (0.52)
Foot movement
    SMC cl434.36 (0.38)
    SMC il204.64
    PM cl00
    PM il203.90
    SMA cl313.90
    SMA il213.60
    Cerebellum cl00
    Cerebellum il103.47