Table 3

Result of the SPM group analysis in seven patients with left sided lesions stimulated by sequential finger movement of the right hand (clusters of increased CBF, all p<0.05corrected)

ClusterCluster size (voxel)Local maximumsArea (Brodmann area)Max 
 t valueMax Z valueMean 
 mmy mmz mm
Max t value/max Z value, maximal t /Zvalues; x/y/z, coordinates of the Talairach-Tournoux standard anatomical atlas (converted out of the MNI coordinates provided by SPM99); inf, inferior; SMC, sensorimotor cortex; SMA, supplementary motor area; PMC, premotor cortex; SII, presumed secondary somatosensory cortex;
*region showed multiple submaximums.
133221.1left SMC (BA 3/4)14.07−44−1754
1.2left inf. parietal / SII (BA 40)*7.666.16−50−3025
251142.1right cerebellum12.4920−55−14
2.2left cerebellum*8.446.58−4−63−10
314823.1right PMC (dorsolateral BA 6)*8.096.3926−561
3.2right SMC (BA 4)7.576.1140−1158
3.3right SMA (mesial BA 6)*7.305.968448
3.4right cingulated gyrus (BA 24)6.945.7521236
41474.1right PMC (ventrolateral BA 6)7.886.2863727
5565.1left cerebellum6.295.35−22−37−37
6646.1left PMC (junction BA 6/BA 44)5.865.07−52411
7627.1right cerebellum*5.825.0455−58−29