Table 1

Patient injury characteristics

PatientAge (years)SexType of injuryLitigationTime since injury (months)LOC reported (minutes)Estimated PTA (hours)
*Has previously received worker’s compensation but was not in litigation at time of study.
LOC, loss of consciousness; PTA, post-traumatic amnesia.
P0142FBlunt objectNo*350.001.00
P0323MBlunt objectNo*140.000.00
P0438MBlunt objectNo50.503.00
Injury description
P01PO1 was struck in the right parieto-occipital region by a falling 500 lb barrel with no loss of consciousness, but was in a daze and had headaches the next day. She was seen at the emergency room and discharged.
P02P02 slipped and fell while getting out of the bathtub at home and struck the back of her head on a wooden door, and broke her right shoulder, with no loss of consciousness. She developed nausea and dizziness for a week but was not admitted to hospital.
P03P03 was struck in the forehead by a steel cage at work with no loss of consciousness. He developed nausea and vomiting with severe headaches the next day, where he went to the emergency room and was discharged.
P04PO4 was struck in the face by a large sheet of corrugated steel decking. He lost consciousness for about 30 seconds on impact, and on two further occasions before the emergency team. He was disoriented and had an impact seizure. He underwent facial surgery and was in hospital for two days.
P05PO5 tripped and fell on doorsteps at home, hitting her forehead. She was briefly unconscious for 1–2 minutes and developed headaches with no disorientation. She was seen by her family doctor a few days later.