Table 3

Change in regional cerebral blood flow evoked during spatial working memory task, identified from healthy control group z map image

Talairach coordinates
X is left (+), right (−) of midline; Y is anterior (+), posterior (−) to the anterior commissure; Z is superior (+), inferior (−) to the anterior commissure-posterior commissure line.
rCBF, regional cerebral blood flow.
Healthy controls
−30232Right prefrontal insular junction (BA 47)8.054.5
−332122Right inferior frontal gyrus (BA 45)6.513.7
Group comparison for right prefrontal insular junction [−30, 23, 2]
Groupn%ΔrCBFSD t p
Group comparison for right inferior frontal gyrus [−33, 21, 22]
Groupn%ΔrCBFSD t p