Table 3

The relative importance of MEG and MRI variables in predicting cognitive function and adaptive behaviour

Adj R2p ValueAdj R2p ValueAdj R2p Value
Adj R2, adjusted R2value for each predictor variable; CAMCOG: Cambridge cognitive examination; FAST, functional assessment scale; L, left; MEG, magnetoencephalography; MMSE, mini-mental examination (Spanish version); MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; R, right.
 p Value: test of the significance of the independent contribution of the first (1) and second variable (2) to enter the regression equation.
(MRI) R hippocampus0.695 (2)0.0060.684 (1)0.0010.660 (1)0.003
(MEG) L temporal lobe0.819 (1)0.0010.854 (2)0.0010.766 (2)0.018