Table 2

Clinical data and neurophysiological findings in seven patients with neuropathy

All conduction measurements were within normal limits. A, high amplitude of MUPs; D, long duration of MUPs.
*Abnormal value.
DiseaseCoeliac diseaseCoeliac diseaseCoeliac diseaseCoeliac diseaseCoeliac diseaseCoeliac diseaseReflux disease
Time from diagnosis (y)3234236
Possible predisposing factornonononoGraves’ diseasealcoholno
Clinical/subclinical neuropathyclinicalclinicalsubclinicalsubclinicalsubclinicalclinicalclinical
Motor nerve conduction
    Median nerve (elbow–wrist)
        Amplitude (mV)
        Velocity (m/s)54534954645256
    Ulnar nerve (elbow–wrist)
        Amplitude (mV)
        Velocity (m/s)55666364664964
    Peroneal nerve (knee–ankle)
        Amplitude (mV)
        Velocity (m/s)37424448464246
Sensory nerve conduction
    Median nerve (wrist–digit 2)
        Amplitude (μV)6.1454.838288.524
        Velocity (m/s)54564858675058
    Ulnar nerve (wrist–digit 5)
        Amplitude (μV)3.5215.831231119
        Velocity (m/s)59544058545661
    Sural nerve (calf–ankle)
        Amplitude (μV)
        Velocity (m/s)48544547544264
EMG findings
    m tibialis anterior
        mean amplitude (SD)4*
        duration of MUPs (SD)3.6*2.5*2.9*3.9*3.4*02
        Number of outliersA9*, D3*A1, D3*A1, D7*A2, D3*A0, D1A0, D0lA3*, D2
    m biceps brachii
        mean amplitude (SD)*0.6
        duration of MUPs (SD)0.21.8-
        Number of outliersA0, D1A0, D0A1, D0A0, D1A0, D5*A0, D0A0, D2
Heat pain threshold (°C)
    Left thenar54.447.144.750.549.448.149.2
    Left foot49.448.347.347.047.546.645.3
Tactile threshold (as10log of force, mg compressing skin)
    Left leg
    Dermatome L33.844.74*5.07*3.844.084.172.44
    Dermatome S13.844.564.314.