Table 1

Some useful web sites for psychiatry and neuropsychiatry

Site nameURLDescription
*Recommended for patients; †evidence based; ‡good for news. Universal resource locators (URLs) correct on 31 July 2002.
CME, continuing medical education; ICD, International classification of diseases; DSM-IV, Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, fourth edition; fMRI, functional magnetic resonance imaging; MCQ, multiple choice questions. These URLs are downloadable as a Bookmarks/Favorites file from the JNNP web site (
General psychiatry sites
    Internet Mental Health*
  • Good all round site with DSM–IV and ICD definitions

    National Institute of Mental Health (US)*
  • Large professional and patient resource; information on trials

    National electronic Library for Mental Health (UK)*†
  • Limited to schizophrenia, depression, and suicide but a growing reliable resource

    Institute of Psychiatry, London*
  • Institute information and a self help section for patients

    Centre for Evidence Based Mental Health†
  • A starting point for evidence based psychiatry

    Cochrane Mental Health†
  • Systematic reviews in psychiatry

    Medscape Psychiatry‡
  • Psychiatry news, conference reports, CME

  • Good access to French psychiatry

    Online dictionary of mental health∼psysc/psychotherapy
  • Not a dictionary but a searchable directory of mental health sites

    Interactive Testing in Psychiatry
  • MCQ self testing from New York University

Professional organisations
    Royal College of Psychiatrists*‡
    American Psychiatric Association*‡
    American Neuropsychiatry Association
    British Neuropsychiatry Association
    British Neuropsychological Society
  • United Kingdom orientated site with journals, departmental links, and conferences

    Wellcome Department of Imaging Neuroscience
  • Functional imaging centre with downloadable software

    fMRI Data Center
  • A repository of peer reviewed fMRI studies and their underlying datasets

    NeuroPsychiatry Reviews
  • Monthly articles, particularly on treatment issues

    Face Recognition Home Page∼peterkr/FACE/face.html
  • A starting point for facial science links

    Visual Science Websites
  • A starting point for visual science links

Patient resources
  • Large mental health hub for patients

    About Mental Health*‡
  • Another American mental health hub site

  • British mental health charity

    Depression Alliance*
  • British patient organisation*
  • American patient organisation

    The Infinite Mind*
  • Library of weekly American internet radio programmes on mental health topics

Directories of psychiatry and psychology journals
  • Journal finder for psychology and social sciences