Table 1

Characteristics of the stroke patients as a function of the practice schedule groups

Practice group/subject NoSexAge (years)Post stroke time (years)CVA locationNumber of CVAs
CVA, cerebrovascular accident; hem, hemisphere; m, mean.
Blocked 1Male68.83.6Right hem1
Blocked 2Male81.28.1Left hem2
Blocked 3Male57.12.6Left hem1
Blocked 4Male63.52.8Left hem1
Blocked 5Male76.23.9Right hem1
Blocked 6Male51.11.8Right hem1
Blocked 7Male48.64.0Left hem2
Blocked 8Female69.41.1Right hem1
Blocked 9Female53.71.4Left hem1
Blocked 10Male69.81.2Left hem2
Blocked 11Male69.33.8Right hem1
Blocked 12Male63.32.6Left hem1
Blocked 13Male57.42.8Left hem1
Blocked 14Male82.74.8Right hem1
Random 1Male66.75.3Left hem1
Random 2Male77.93.7Right hem1
Random 3Male68.12.8Right hem2
Random 4Male81.18.0Left hem1
Random 5Male77.33.8Right hem1
Random 6Male74.42.4Right hem1
Random 7Male65.13.0Left hem1
Random 8Male63.32.7Left hem1
Random 9Male58.32.9Left hem1
Random 10Male70.71.5Right hem2
Random 11Male63.42.8Left hem1
Random 12Female51.72.3Left hem1
Random 13Male54.11.6Right hem1
Random 14Male69.83.3Right hem2
Control 1Male69.21.2Left hem2
Control 2Female51.91.2Left hem1
Control 3Male81.01.3Right hem1
Control 4Male59.77.3Left hem2
Control 5Male63.62.9Left hem1
Control 6Male69.54.3Right hem1
m = 66.1m = 3.2