Table 2

Stroke characteristics in the CD stroke population

TACI, total anterior circulation infarction; PACI, partial anterior circulation infarction; POCI, posterior circulation infarction; LACI, lacunar circulation infarction; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PCA, posterior cerebral artery.
Aetiology of stroke
    stroke of undetermined cause5036.76
    small vessel occlusion32.20
    large artery atherosclerosis128.83
Stroke syndrome
Vascular territory
    right MCA5137.50
    left MCA4633.82
    base ganglia/internal capsule1915.44
    semiovale centre53.68
    top of the basilar syndrome42.94
Previous stroke (n=30 patients)
    same vascular territory1136.66
    different vascular territory1963.33
    right MCA413.33
    left MCA1136.67
    base ganglia516.66
Silent infarction (n=25 patients)