Table 1

Patient characteristics

NFMAge (years)Years PDDopamineH&YDRSHam-D-THam-D-EHam-A-THam-A-EGDS
Structured clinical interviews (DSM-IV) were undertaken on all patients: STN group: n = 1 major depression, recurrent, partial remission; n = 1 history of alcohol abuse; n = 1 major depression single episode full remission; n = 1 major depression recurrent full remission; n = 1 no Axis I diagnosis; GPi group: n = 1 major depression, recurrent, moderate; major depression, recurrent, full remission; n = 2 no axis I diagnosis.
Dopamine, average amount of dopamine used in each group (STN 301–1550 mg; GPi 380–1260 mg); DRS, mean Mattis dementia rating scale score (range 136–142); F, female; GDS, Geriatric depression scale; GPi, globus pallidus interna; H& Y, mean Hoehn and Yahr score in the off state; Years PD, years of Parkinson’s disease symptoms; HAM-A-E, Hamilton anxiety scale etiologic score; HAM-A-T, Hamilton anxiety scale total score; HAM-D-E, Hamilton depression scale etiologic score; HAM-D-T, Hamilton depression rating scale total score; M, male; STN, subthalamic nucleus.
STN53260 (57 to 64)14.4903 mg3.171397.
GPi42256 (46 to 73)14.0713 mg3.001398.83.8935.8