Table 2

Comparison of average UPDRS motor scores with unilateral deep brain stimulation of STN or GPi

Surgical siteUPDRS optimalUPDRS offUPDRS optimal/offUPDRS dorsalUPDRS optimal/dorsalUPDRS ventralUPDRS optimal/ventral
GPi, globus pallidus interna; Off, DBS device in the off condition with no contacts being stimulated; Optimal, contact with greatest motor benefit; STN, subthalamic nucleus; UPDRS, unified Parkinson’s disease rating scale III motor score; %, per cent change in UPDRS score when optimal setting was compared with off, dorsal, and ventral contacts.
STN36.648.425.20%43.2(−) 15.2%44.8(-) 19.4%
GPi32.843.524.10%36.3(−) 8.8%36(-)17.5%