Table 1

Spearman correlation of interlocking finger figure scores with other test scores

Test/clinical featurenrs2
For each neurocognitive test/demographic feature, the number of subjects included in the analysis (n) and the square of the Spearman correlation (r2) of the interlocking finger figure scores with the given test score is reported. Tests were ranked from top to bottom initially in decreasing order of significance (p value) and then by decreasing correlation of scores within each significance level. **Significant at p<0.01. *Significant at p<0.05
Clock setting300.2313**
Clock face construction310.2141**
Time perception250.2366*
Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure copying310.1854*
MMSE total380.1174*
Arithmetic (WAIS-R subtest)230.1617
Trails Making Test part B centile170.1432
Boston Naming Test350.1040
Grooved pegboard centile (dominant hand)250.0609
Verbal fluency centile (FAS)330.0318
Digit span (age corrected scaled score)360.0253
Grooved pegboard entile (non-dominant hand)230.0120
RAVLT 5th trial330.0005