Table 2

Clinical comparisons between ABGA positive and ABGA negative Tourette’s syndrome patients*

FindingABGA positive (n=24)ABGA negative (n=77)p Value
*By western immunoblotting.
†Family history of neuropsychiatric disease includes tic disorders, Tourette’s syndrome, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
ABGA, anti-basal ganglia antibodies; ASOT, antistreptolysin O titre.
Age at first tic (years) (range)6.56 (2 to 13)6.81 (2 to 16)NS
Diagnostic confidence index (mean (SD), [range])62 (20)% [36% to 96%]64 (21)% [14% to 100%]NS
Obsessive-compulsive behaviour disorder27%33%NS
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder22%50%<0.05
History of neuropsychiatric disease in 1st degree family member†69.6%753%NS
ASOT >200 IU/ml91.3%584%<0.01