Table 1

Results of analyses of specimens from 24 patients with suspected intracranial infection: broad range bacterial PCR, DNA sequencing, bacterial culture, data on operative technique and preoperative antimicrobial treatment, and final diagnosis

NoInitial diagnosisOperative techniqueIntracranial specimenBacterial culture resultPCRSequencing resultHomology (%)aSequence length (nt)aPreoperative antibioticsbFinal diagnosis
aThe per cent homology and the length of the overlapping sequence for the best match.
bAn effective antimicrobial treatment against the recognised microbe in the specimen; duration of preoperative antibiotic treatment is given in parentheses.
cThe sample was interpreted to contain several species if the electropherogram showed strong signals but multiple overlapping peaks in some locations.
dNegative result.
eSequencing failure was assumed if the sequencing signals reported by the instrument were weak.
fThe patient received ceftriaxone and metronidazole.
CNS, central nervous system; nt, nucleotides; PCR, polymerase chain reaction.
1Brain abscessPuncturePus Str equinus + Str intermedius 98.1423Yes (14 hours)Brain abscess
2Brain abscess or metastasisOpen biopsyPusStreptococcus (sp. viridans group)+Streptococcus (sp milleri group)99.6458NoBrain abscess
3Brain abscessPuncturePus Str intermedius/ anginosus + Str intermedius/ anginosus 99.4349Yes (5 days)Brain abscess
4GlioblastomaOpen biopsyPusPeptostreptococcus sp+Peptostreptococcus sp95.7243Yes (12 hours)Brain abscess
5Postoperative brain abscessPuncturePus Propionibacterium acnes + Propionibacterium acnes 99.7299NoPostoperative brain abscess
6Brain abscessPuncturePus Bacteroides gracilis, Peptostreptococcus, Str intermedius +Several speciescNoBrain abscess
7Postoperative brain abscessPuncturePusd+ Staph aureus 98.6441Yes (5 days)Postoperative brain abscess
8Post-traumatic brain abscessPuncturePus+ Mycoplasma hominis 99.8499Yes (10 days)Post-traumatic brain abscess
9Postoperative subdural empyemaPuncturePus+FailureeNoPostoperative subdural empyema
10Postoperative subdural empyemaOpen biopsyPus Staph aureus Yes (3 days)Postoperative subdural empyema
11Brain abscessPuncturePusFusobacterium spNoBrain abscess
12Brain abscessStereotactic biopsyPusYes (60 days)Aspergillus sp, brain abscess
13Brain abscessPuncturePusYesf (11 days)Brain abscess
14Brain abscessPuncturePusYesf (7 days)Brain abscess
15Brain tumour or infectionStereotactic biopsyBrain tissueNoDemyelination
16CNS infectionStereotactic biopsyBrain tissueNot doneNoUnspecific gliosis
17CNS infectionStereotactic biopsyCysta liquidYes (13 days)Parvocellular carcinoma
18Unclear progressive brain diseaseStereotactic biopsyBrain tissueYes (one dose)Glioblastoma
19Unclear brain lesionPunctureBrain tissueYes (5 days)Glioblastoma
20Brain tumour or abscessOpen biopsyBrain tissueNot doneYes (one dose)Glioblastoma
21Brain tumour or abscessStereotactic biopsyBrain tissuePropionibacterium spNoAstrocytoma
22Brain tumour or abscessStereotactic biopsyBrain tissueNoLymphoma
23Brain abscessStereotactic biopsyBrain tissueYes (4 days)Lymphoma
24TumourOpen biopsyMucous liquidYes (one dose)Mucocele