Table 1

Clinical and laboratory features of three patients with autoimmune myasthenia

Sex, age at the onset of MGHeart surgeryTime since surgery to onset of MGPresenting features; (Osserman group at onset)Clinical diagnosisAChR antibodies normal value <0.8 nmolTreatment and responceFollow up and evolution AchR-ab present titre
M, 57Triple aorto-coronaric bypass3 weeksPtosis, double vision; (I)Responce to im neostigmine and oral pyridostigmine1.9 nmolCholinesterase inhibitors: good6 years, fluctuating ocular MG 3.0 nmol
M, 58Double aorto-coronaric bypass10 weeksDysarthria, dysphagia and arm weakness; (IIb)Decrement on repetitive stimulation, response to iv edrophonium8.0 nmolCholinesterase inhibitors: mild 
 Prednisone and plasma exchange: good7 years, fluctuating generalised MG 
 3.5 nmol
M, 65Triple aorto-coronaric bypass10 weeksDouble vision, dysphagia and dysarthria; (IIb)Decrement on repetitive stimulation, response to im neostigmine and oral pyridostigmine12.0 nmolCholinesterase inhibitors: mild
 prednisone: good8 months, mild generalised MG 
 1.1 nmol