Table 1

Working memory and other mental test scores during euglycaemia and hypoglycaemia (n=32)

EuglycaemiaHypoglycaemiap Value for mean differenceEta squaredp Value for variance difference
Values are mean (SD). Eta squared is the proportion of the variance in the test scores accounted for by study condition (Euglycaemia v hypoglycaemia).
Four term order (working memory; number correct)12.4 (4.3)3.7 (2.3)<0.0010.86<0.001
Digit symbol (number correct)71.8 (12.1)61.3 (15.5)<0.0010.570.08
Trail making B (seconds)37.6 (8.4)58.3 (11.6)<0.0010.740.08