Table 1

SF-36 items, scales, and component summaries*

Scales (items)Component summary measureScales (items)Component summary measure
*Adapted from references 18 and 25.
Physical functioning (PF) (10 items: ability to undertake activities, carry, walk, climb stairs, bend, kneel, bathe, dress)Physical component summary (PCS)Vitality (VT) (four items: energy, fatigue)Mental component summary (MCS)
Role physical (RP) (four items: physical limitations to activity)Social functioning (SF) (two items: engagement in social activity)
Bodily pain (BP) (two items: magnitude and interference of pain)Role emotional (RE) (three items: emotional limitations to activities)
General health (GH) (four items: perceptions of health status)Mental health (MH) (five items: nervous, peaceful, sad, happy)