Table 1

Symptoms and signs of frontal lobe dysfunction

Behavioural signs from the neuropsychiatric interview
    Loss of insight
    Loss of social tact
    Hyperorality (2 items)
    Perseverative or stereotypic behaviour (2 items)
    Utilisation behaviour
Behavioural symptoms from the informant interview
    Change in personality
    Loss of insight
    Impaired judgement
    Lack of social tact
    Inappropriate jocularity
    Hyperorality and/or dietary changes
Affective signs from the neuropsychiatric examination
    Apathy (2 items)
    Emotional blunting
Affective symptoms from the informant interview
    Aspontaneity (2 items)
    Emotional blunting (3 items)
    Emotional unconcern and indifference (3 items)
    Neglect of grooming
    Neglect of hygiene