Table 2

Brain regions in which the rCBF of the PD group was significantly lower than that of the normal control group (SPM analysis)

Cerebral regionBrodmann’s areaxyzZ
x, y, z=coodinates of the peak in the standard anatomical space; Z=Z score of maximal peak; L=left; R=right. p<0.01, corrected for multiple comparisons.
L middle occipital gyrus18, 19, 39−34−7884.63
R middle occipital gyrus18, 19, 3928−84144.28
L angular gyrus39−46−54343.43
R angular gyrus3944−56383.98
L cuneus18−26−8603.37
R cuneus188−88142.57
L calcarine sulcus17−18−94−83.69
L precuneus7−10−70423.37
L lingual gyrus18−18−84−163.36
L superior occipital gyrus19−32−84303.34
L superior parietal lobule7−12−72523.23