Table 3

Effect of bilateral STN DBS on UPDRS part II activities of daily living (ADL) and part III subscores, both on and off medication. Postoperative scores are all with stimulation on. Data show median (and range), maximum possible scores are also shown. Percentage change is between preoperative and postoperative condition

On medicationOff medication
UPDRS subscalePreoperativePostoperative stimulator onSignificancePercentage changePreoperativePostoperative stimulator onSignificancePercentage change
ADL (0–52)15 (3–33)14 (4–25)p<0.0518.7%38 (14–43)25 (8–33)p<0.0530.6%
Tremor (0–28)2 (0–20)0 (0–8)NS37.1%12 (2–26)2 (0–11)p<0.0567%
Rigidity (0–20)5 (0–15)1 (0–10)p<0.0572.1%12 (9–15)4 (0–11)p<0.0565%
Bradykinesia (0–32)17 (6–29)13 (6–22)NS10.9%28 (21–32)16 (12–31)p<0.0536%
Gait (0–4)2 (0–3)1 (0–3)NS23.8%3 (1–4)1 (1–3)p<0.0550%
Postural stability (0–4)2 (0–3)1 (0–2)NS33.3%4 (2–4)1 (1–2)p<0.0561%