Table 1

Characteristics of individuals in the study

Note that the (±) range for patient years is equal when all ages are considered, but that the (+) range is limited in the figures curtailed at 45 years.
*Derived from the definite, suspected, and unlikely HHT groups, as described in Methods.
HHT, hereditary haemorrhagic telangiestasia.
Definite HHT163175338
Suspected HHT6967136
Unlikely HHT9289181
Affected years in patients* up to 45 years8691.508824.3517515.85
(+101.68, −428.38)(+104.86, −327.16)(+206.54, −755.54)
Total number of affected patient years*10 958 (±846)11 103 (±695)22 061 (±1542)