Table 1

Patient demographics and work up

PatientAge (y)SexAge of onset (y)MRIInterictalIctal surfaceInvasivePathF/U monthsOutcome
R, right; L, left; B, bilateral; P, parietal; F, frontal; T, temporal; OCC, occipital; HA, hippocampal atrophy; Sig, signal.
148F15R P AVMRTRTRTGliosis961A
245F15R F encephalomalacia L HA + ↑ sigLT, RFLTMTS321C
347M27Encephalomalacia RT R HARCRCRTMTS321B
430F3R P encephalomalacia R HARTRTGliosis261A
530F1R PO encephalomalacia R HANoneDiffuseRTMTS281A
636F10LF hamartomaL T≫ BFLTLTMTS321A
745F27R F encephalomalaciaRTRTRTGliosis681A
850F21B OCC heterotopiasLTLTGliosis701C
950F10L FTP encephalomalacia R HA + ↑ sigRTRTGliosis302
1040F3L FTP encephalomalaciaLTDiffuseLTGliosis762
1141F26B OCC cystic lesions R HARTRTGliosis921B
1242M22L posterior F porencephaly L HA + ↑ sigLT> RTLTMTS301A
1331F12L P AVM, R HA + ↑ sigRTDiffuseRTMTS261A
1430F15R OCC encephalomalacia R HARTRTMTS481A
1540M5L F encephalomalaciaRTRTMTS921A