Table 2

Effects of treatment with D2 agonists on ratios of specific to non-specific [123I]β-CIT binding in the whole striatum

Striatal [123I]β-CIT binding ratio
Patient NoSexProtocolDrug (mg/day)On treatmentDrug-naive/withdrawn
F, female; M, male; protocol A, drug-naive at the time of first imaging; protocol B, approximately one year on monotherapy at the time of first imaging.
1FBPergolide (1.0)1.721.79
2MBPergolide (2.0)1.952.30
3MBPergolide (2.0)1.631.66
4MAPergolide (2.0)2.131.88
5FAPramipexol (2.25)2.862.49
6MAPergolide (1.5)1.862.10
7MAPergolide (1.5)3.253.78
8MAPergolide (2.0)2.222.22
9MAPergolide (1.0)2.702.90
Mean (SD): 2.26 (0.6) 2.35 (0.70)