Table 4

Eight months follow up of those patients who had major depression at initial assessment showing changes in hospital anxiety and depression scale score and health status by outcome of depressive disorders (data from follow up sample, n=226)

Major depressive disorder persists at follow up (n=46)Major depressive disorder resolved at follow up (n=8)Difference in means95% CI
*All scores on the SF-36 range from 0 to 100; a lower score indicates increased disability or more pain.
CI, confidence interval; HAD, hospital anxiety and depression scale; SF-36, short form 36 item health status scale.
Mean change in HAD score1.1−10.1−9.04.8 to 13.2
Mean change in SF36 score*
    Physical function− to 28.4
    Physical role function−2.246.949.012.3 to 85.8
    Bodily pain5.324.118.83.8 to 33.8
    Social function5.426.621.1−3.3 to 45.6