Table 3

Mean (SD) relative growth ratios from 29 patients with untreated contralateral tumours acting as internal controls

1 Year2 Years3 Years4 Years
Values in excess of 100% indicate a beneficial effect of radiosurgery. This is seen at one and two years, the increase between the first and second year also being significant (p=0.02), this trend continuing into the third year. Fifteen of the 29 patients subsequently required radiosurgery to control the tumours, because they were growing. This occurred on average 27 (14) months after the initial treatment. Treating these tumours and removing these patients from the analysis, decreases the numbers, and with this statistical significance is lost.
Relative growth ratio151 (72)%205 (120)%616 (757)%285 (245)%
Significance from 100%p=0.01p=0.01NSNS
Significant risep=0.02Trend: p=0.1