Table 4

Effect of radiosurgery on hearing assessed by Gardner-Robertson grades

Before treatmentAfter treatment
Dosimetry groupIncomplete dataGrade I–IIGrade III–IVGrade VPreserved hearingDeterioration in hearingDeaf
Preserved hearing refers to an unchanged grade before and after treatment. Deterioration is defined as any decline in hearing grade other than becoming completely deaf (grade V). Percentages refer to the proportion of patients with discernible (grade I–IV) hearing before treatment who have preservation of, deterioration in, or no hearing after treatment, with follow up details of when the assessment was made. Dose reduction from group 1 to group 3 was associated with a significant improvement in hearing preservation (p=0.05).
Group 1 (n=13)16332 (22%) (52 (6) months)1 (11%) (7 months)9 (67%)
Group 2 (n=17)29152 (20%) (74 (101) months)6 (60%) (43 (15) months)7 (20%)
Group 3 (n=92)549122623 (38%) (40 (25) months)26 (42%) (41 (21) months)38 (20%)