Table 1

Descriptive statistics

*Number of hits at the best finger tapping test trial of the most affected upper limb in the OFF state.
†Gait velocity (m/min) at the best walking trial.
‡Gait cadence (steps/min) at the best walking trial.
¶Stride length (m) at the best walking trial;
OFF, OFF state; ON, ON state; UPDRS III, unified Parkinson’s disease rating scale motor score (/108); Δ, OFF-ON variation: [(“OFF” minus “ON”)/“OFF” × 100] (%).
Hoehn and Yahr stage, OFF23314
Hoehn and Yahr stage, ON23203
UPDRS III, OFF23391291.5
UPDRS III, ON239.5241.5
Number of hits, OFF*2340.4841471
Number of hits, ON2357.26502889
Gait velocity, OFF†2383.877542.86150
Gait velocity, ON23114.8110042.86200
Gait cadence, OFF‡23137.50137.14103.64180
Gait cadence, ON23142.8314060240
Stride length, OFF¶230.610.560.261.0
Stride length, ON230.790.710.561.25
ΔNumber of hits2367.31
ΔGait velocity2339.88
ΔGait cadence233.66
ΔStride length2338.03