Table 1

Logistic regression analyses of associations of characteristics measured at baseline and transition into residential care during the study period

Odds ratio95% Confidence limitsp Value
Age—person with dementia1.010.96 to 1.280.155
Female sex—person with dementia0.390.06 to 2.420.313
Female sex—carer0.960.13 to 6.970.966
Carer mental health0.710.13 to 3.990.697
Carer quality of life—psychological1.101.02 to 1.190.018
Person with dementia behaviour problems1.081.01 to 1.150.026
Carer burden score1.020.96 to 1.080.542
Person with dementia ADAS-Cog score1.020.96 to 1.070.532
Spouse carer2.290.27 to 19.60.449
Co-resident carer0.050.01 to 0.420.006