Table 3

Correlation of early computed tomographic signs with therapeutic outcome

Early CT signsnRecanalisation (n=34)Haemorrhagic infarction (n=44)mRS 0-2 (n=29)
Percentage of each therapeutic outcome between patients with and without CT signs.
ALN, attenuation of the lentiform nucleus; CT, computed tomography; HMCAS, hyperdense middle cerebral artery sign; HSE, hemispherical sulcus effacement; LIR, loss of insular ribbon; mRS, modified Rankin scale.
LIR3124% v 49% (p<0.03)50% v 24% (p<0.03)28% v 44% (NS)
ALN3632% v 53% (0.05<p<0.1)57% v 30% (p<0.02)38% v 48% (NS)
HSE3647% v 37% (NS)52% v 35% (NS)45% v 44% (NS)
LIR, ALN, or HSE5338% v 50% (NS)64% v 36% (p<0.02)36% v 36% (NS)
HMCAS2732% v 46% (NS)36% v 16% (<0.05)21% v 31% (NS)