Table 1B

Cardiovascular autonomic and adrenal function tests

Case 1Case 2Case 3
BP, blood pressure; HR, heart rate; ACTH, adrenocortical trophic hormone. *Denotes an abnormal response.
Adrenal function
    Basal cortisol + synacthen 250 IU513 nmol/l215 nmol/l302 nmol/l
    30 min926 nmol/l456 nmol/l554 nmol/l
    60 min1260 nmol/l980 nmol/l890 nmol/l
    Basal ACTH26.7ng/l
    Recumbent aldosterone77.0ng/l10.9ng/l*
    Recumbent renin20mU/l37.0mU/l
Postural challenge
    Lying/standing BP108/70–89/56*145/95–104/67*148/85–162/89
    30:15 ratio1.0*1.0*
HR response to respiratory stimulii
    Deep breathing4*2*4*
Pressor tests
    Cutaneous cold
    Isometric exercise
    Mental arithmetic