Table 4

Logistic regression; the effect of deprivation category on survival

Variables in the equationBWalddfp value
Type of injury1.2614.61310.032
Pre-existing cardiovascular disease0.5084.69110.030
Revised Trauma Score0.888191.02210.000
Chest AIS−0.1887.92410.005
Abdominal AIS−0.63028.80610.000
Head AIS−1.390108.70910.000
Model χ2755.3850.000
Hosmer Lemeshow test3.4090.906
Variables not in the equationScoredfp value
All variables considered for inclusion in the logistic regression model are shown. Those variables for which the significance of the Wald statistic is ≤0.05 were found to have a significant independent effect on mortality. B is the weight given to variables in the logistic regression equation. The model χ2 and the Hosmer Lemeshow test are tests of the goodness of fit of the model.
Mechanism of injury5.68150.338
Pre-existing respiratory disease0.72810.394
Pre-existing disease of CNS0.00910.925
Pre-existing diabetes1.18110.277
Pre-existing renal disease1.24110.265
Pre-existing malignancy1.61610.204
Pre-existing alcoholism0.03010.862
Pre-existing psychiatric disease0.00210.965
Pre-existing drug abuse problem0.73010.393
Deprivation group1.16010.281
Extremity AIS0.21310.645