Table 1

Clinical profile of the patients with tuberous sclerosis

Sex/age (years)AED/dose (mg/kg/d)Age at seizure onset (months)Seizure type/age at last seizure (years)Present seizure frequencyBehavioural and neurological findingsTubers on MRILast seizure before blood sample
AED, antiepileptic drug; CB carbamazepine; Cer, cerebellar lobe; d, day; F, female; Fro, frontal lobe; h, hour; L, left; M, male; MH, mental handicap; Occ, occipital lobe; Par, parietal lobe; Pas, parasagittal lobe; R, right, Tem, temporal lobe; VA, valproic acid.
1F/1005Complex partial/2FreeMild MHFro (1L/1R)
2M/10010Complex partial/1FreeNonePar (1L/1R), Tem (1L), Occ (1L)
3F/409Febrile/1.5FreeSleep problemsCer (1)
4M/13034Febrile/4FreeNoneFro (1L), Par (1L)
5F/35018Atypical absences/2FreeNoneNot available
6M/503Complex partial, 18 months atypical absences/2.5FreeSevere MH, autismFro (4R, 4L), Par (2R, 2L), Tem (3R, 2L), Occ (1R, 1L), Pas (3L)
7F/7CB/20, VA/203Complex partialDailySevere MH, autismFro (1R, 1L), Par (1R, 1L)1 h
8M/4CB/20, VA/209Complex partialDailySlight MH, autismFro (2R, 2L), Par (1R, 1L)1 h
9M/14CB/20, VA 3022Atypical absences, complex partialDailyNoneOcc (1R), Pas (2L)3 h
10F/2CB/20, VA/206Infantile spasms, 18 months also complex partialDailyMild motor and mental handicapFro (2R, 1L), Pas (1R)2.5 h
11M/9CB/20, VA/2011Simple partialWeeklySlight L hemiplegiaFro (3L), Par (2R, 1L), Occ (1L), Cer (1)26 h
12M/7CB/20, VA/2028Atypical absences up to 6 years, then complex partialWeeklyNoneFro (2L), Par (1R, 1L), Occ (1R)3 d
13F/8CB/20, VA/303Complex partialWeeklyMild MH, autismFro (1L), Par (1R)1 d
14M/9CB/20, VA/3028Atypical absences, complex partialWeeklyNoneOcc (1L)7 d
15M/6CB/20, VA/405Infantile spasms, 18 months also complex partialMonthlyMild MHFro (3R, 5L), Par (1R), Tem (2L), Occ (1R, 4L), Pas (3R)18 d
16F/29CB/10, VA/2018Atypical absences, partial seizures with secondary generalisationMonthlyNoneNot available20 d
17F/9CB/20, VA/2024Complex partialMonthlyNoneTem (1L), Par (2R)19 d
18M/20CB/20, VA/203Infantile spasms up to 2 years, then atypical absences, simple partialMonthlyMild MH, autismTem (1R), Par (1R)25 d