Table 1

 Clinical and neuroimaging findings of nine patients with spinocerebellar ataxia 7

CaseNo. of expanded CAG repeatsSex/ageAge at the onset of symptomsDuration of disease in years (age at walking aid)Ataxia scaleExtracerebellar symptomsVolume of the posterior fossa structures/total intracranial volume
Pons (%)Cerebellum (%)
Bulbar, bulbar symptoms; EOM, extraocular movement disturbance; PS, pyramidal symptoms; EPS, extrapyramidal symptoms; NC, not checked
145/10F/593722 (40)5Bulbar, EOM, PS0.387.14
247/10M/37324 (self ambulatory)1EOM0.6310.47
343/10F/523913 (self ambulatory)1EOM, PS, EPS0.358.30
447/10M/40346 (37)2Bulbar, EOM, PS, EPS0.338.19
550/8M/29227 (self ambulatory)1EPS0.387.80
646/10M/33294 (self ambulatory)1EOM, PS0.6111.22
744/12M/594514 (56)3Bulbar, EOM, PS, EPS0.348.66
851/10F/291513 (22)4Bulbar, EOM, PS, EPS0.317.27
9NCM/28199 (24)5EOM, PS0.448.08