Table 1

 The relation between the tumour size and the extent of 11C-methyl methionine (MET) area of the patients with glioblastoma multiforme

Case NoAge (years)/sexLocation of tumourMax tumour diameter (mm)SOR (%) of MET area within x mm outside Gd area*Type of relation between MET area and T2-high area†
0 mm5 mm10 mm15 mm20 mm25 mm30 mm
*SOR (%) of MET area within x mm outside the Gd area = sum of the size of the MET area within x mm outside the Gd area in each slice/sum of the size of the MET area in each slice.
†Type 1, the MET area and T2-high area were not coincident; type 2, the MET area was completely within the T2-high area.
F, female; Gd area, area of gadolinium enhancement on T1 weighted image; L, left; M, male; max, maximum; MET area, the area of increased 11C-methyl methionine accumulation on positron emission tomography; R, right; SOR, size occupation ratio; T2-high area, the area of high signal intensity on T2 weighted image.
176/MR frontal2870.998.41001001001001001
259/FR temporal3463.495.61001001001001001
370/FL frontal3575.296.199.01001001001002
478/FR frontal4359.276.587.398.01001001001
560/ML temporal4768.682.993.198.31001001001
669/MR temporal5745.069.685.993.196.699.71001
759/MR frontal6054.371.584.792.497.31001001
841/ML temporal6054.680.091.896.698.51001001
959/ML frontal6547.867.181.589.095.999.01001
1066/FR temporal7347.365.177.587.092.395.698.01
Average 50.2 58.6 80.3 90.1 95.4 98.1 99.4 99.8