Table 1

Clinical features in nine patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and neck extensor weakness

Features in addition to head drop
NoAge (years)SexInvolvement at onsetInterval to development of head dropNeck flexorsBulbarTongueRelease reflexesJaw jerkULLLDuration of illness at last follow up
F, female; LL, lower limb; LMN, lower motor neurone; Ls, limbs; m, month; M, male; mw, mild weakness; RUL, right upper limb; UL, upper limb; UMN, upper motor neurone; y, year.
155MRUL2 y++++++2 y 6 m
235F4 Ls9 m+++++1 y
364FDysarthria3 y 9 m+++++4 y
450MUL5 mmw++++++1 y
542M4 Ls8 ymw+++++9 y
662MLL8 mmw++++++1 y
765MRUL1 y 9 mmw++++++2 y
849FRUL3 y 9 m+++4 y
958MLL3 mmw+++++2 y