Table 2

 Concentrations of total Aβ (Aβtot), Aβ1–42 and antibodies against Aβ (Aβ-Ab) in the CSF and serum at baseline and 6 months following IVIgG

Baseline6 monthsBaseline6 months
*p<0.05; †p>0.05. One patient was excluded from the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and serum analysis as he refused to permit the final CSF withdrawal; however, he did finish the study.
Patient 1 427.2130.20.32241.4133.20.37292.163.2624.342.1
Patient 2 408.0146.30.12295.6151.30.56147.263.1616.267.1
Patient 3 418.8115.20.06319.8130.20192.758.6592.740.3
Patient 4 532.2122.20326.8125.20.11183.465.3379.178.2
Patient 5 549.0147.30.66453.8124.20.49386.564.3580.286.1
Mean 467.0*132.2†327.5*132.8†240.4*62.9†558.2*62.6†