Table 1

Useful web sites

Site nameURLSite description
All websites accessed 7 January 2003. These URLs are downloadable as a Bookmarks/Favorites file from the JNNP website (
Neurology portals
Trip database An attempt to bring together all the evidence based health care resources on the internet, with a dedicated neurology section and email updates
Cochrane Library A synthesis of reliable evidence about the effects of health care
American Academy of Neurology practice guidelines North American evidence based aids to clinical decision making
Neurosciences on the Internet A comprehensive directory of internet neuroscience resources
Online textbooks
eMedicine Neurology Free multiauthored textbook, covering the whole of medicine
Neuromuscular Diseases Textbook Free multiauthored textbook dedicated to neuromuscular diseases
MedLink Neurology Subscription only neurology textbook
Patient information
National Institute of Neurologic Disorders and Stroke USA based funding and information resource
National Organisation for Rare Disorders USA federation of voluntary health organisations dedicated to rare disorders
Neurological Alliance UK alliance of charities dedicated to neurological diseases
Brain and Spine Foundation Foundation to develop research, education and information about neurological disorders
News and discussion
NeurologyLinx Web based and emailed daily news about general neurology and subspecialties
Neurologist discussion list Email discussion list for neurologists
BrainTalk communities Online discussion forums for patients with neurological illnesses
Massachusetts General Hospital neurology chatrooms Online discussion forums for patients with neurological illnesses
Paediatric neurology
Child Neurology in the UK A gateway to news, education, information and discussion about child neurology
Child Neurology Portal for paediatric neurology resources
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man Catalogue of genes and genetic disorders
Whole Brain Atlas Superbly illustrated examples of normal brain anatomy and neurological diseases A directory of www radiology resources
Clinical Neurophysiology A British portal for clinical neurophysiology www resources Useful information for clinical neurophysiologists, with an online store and doctor/patient discussion groups
Clinical Neurophysiology on the Internet A directory of basic and clinical neurophysiology www resources
Professional web sites (incomplete list)
Association of British Neurologists Professional association for British neurologists
American Neurological Association Professional association of North American neurologists
American Academy of Neurology Resources for professional and practice development for neurologists
World Federation of Neurology Promotes worldwide practice, education and research in neurology, in association with the WHO
European Neurological Society Promotes neurology – especially education and research – in Europe
European Federation of Neurological Societies Promotes neurology – especially education and research – in Europe
British Paediatric Neurology Association Professional association for British paediatric neurologists
International Child Neurology Association Professional association for paediatric neurologists worldwide
Child Neurology Society Professional association for North American paediatric neurologists
British Society of Neuroradiologists British society to promote research and technological progress in neuroradiology
American Society for Neuroradiology Professional society for neuroradiologists
European Society of Neuroradiology Professional society for neuroradiologists
World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology Global organisation for interventional neuroradiologists
British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology Professional association to promote and assist the science and practice of clinical neurophysiology
American Clinical Neurophysiology Society Professional association for clinical neurophysiologists
American Academy of Clinical Neurophysiology Dedicated to communication among clinical and basic neurophysiologists
American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine Professional association for clinical neurophysiologists, affiliated to the American Medical Association
International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology Organisation to promote education and research in clinical neurophysiology