Table 1

Risk factors, localisation, and clinical presentation of CVST and course and treatment during subsequent pregnancies

Pat.Risk factorLocalisation of CVSTClinical presentation of CVSTPregnancy*Complications during pregnancyHeparin treatment
SSS, superior sagittal sinus; ISS, inferior sagittal sinus; RTS, right transverse sinus; LTS, left transverse sinus; RSS, right sigmoid sinus; LSS, left sigmoid sinus; CV, ascending cortical veins. *Number of pregnancies during the follow up period.
1puerperiumSSS, LTS, LSSheadache, vomiting1nonenone
2puerperiumSSS, CVheadache, seizures1spontaneous abortion (week 16)none
3oral contraceptivesSSS, RS, RTS, CVheadache, vomiting, stupor2gestosis, section (week 33)none
nonelow dose heparin from week 16
4venous malformationSSS, CVheadache, hemiparesis, status epilepticus1noneNone
5oral contraceptives, corticosteroid therapySSS, RTS, LTShemiparesis, aphasia1spontaneous abortion (week 16)None
6noneSSS, CVheadache, focal seizures, hemiparesis3noneNone
7oral contraceptivesLTS, LSSheadache, hemiparesis, focal seizures, cerebellar syndrome, somnolence1nonelow dose heparin during pregnancy until 2 months after delivery
8oral contraceptivesLTS, LSSheadache, abducens paresis, bilateral optic disc swelling1noneNone
9oral contraceptivesSSS, CVheadache, hemiparesis, grand mal seizures, coma22 grand mal seizures (no gestosis)none
10pregnancy (week 9)SSS, CVheadache, optic disc swelling, focal sensory deficits2noneNone
gestosis, section (week 31)None
11noneLTS, LSS, ISSheadache, vomiting, somnolence1noneNone
12pregnancy (week 40)RTS, RSSheadache, focal seizures, retinal bleeding2nonelow dose heparin from week 36 until 2 weeks after delivery
nonelow dose heparin from week 36 until 2 weeks after delivery
13oral contraceptivesSSS, CVheadache, tetraparesis, focal seizures1induced abortion (week 12)None
14factor V mutationSSS, RTS, RSSheadache, VI and VII cranial nerves palsy1nonelow dose heparin during pregnancy until 6 weeks after delivery