Table 1

 Baseline demographic and clinical variables of the four patient groups of the study

DementiaVCIVascular MCINo cognitive disorder
M, male; F, female; L, low; H, high; pr, presence; ab, absence; MCI, mild cognitive impairment; VCI, vascular cognitive impairment.
Mean (SD) age78.2 (6.6)69.0 (12.3)67.7 (12.4)63.6 (12.8)*
Sex (M/F)9/878/6469/5623/11
Education (L/H)10/789/5379/4611/23*
Mean (SD) MMSE score19.8 (2.3)24.8 (3.5)25.5 (3.1)28.3 (1.5)*
Hypertension (pr/ab)10/579/4389/3818/13
Diabetes (pr/ab)13/2104/2091/1830/3
Cholesterol (pr/ab)8/070/1962/1925/3
Heart failure (pr/ab)10/4104/2094/1629/4
Current smoking (pr/ab)6/552/4346/3818/10