Table 1

Demography of 38 patients with PD, PD with late dementia, and pathology consistent with DLB

Clinical diagnosisPDPD with late dementia
Mot-Dem, interval between onset of motor symptoms and onset of dementia; Dur-Dem, duration of dementia; L, limbic; N, neocortical.
Sample size1721
Age at onset, y, mean (range)60.3 (36–81)59.8 (40–71)
Mot-Dem, y, mean (range)12.2 (6–26)
Dur-Dem, y, mean (range)3.4 (0–7)
Age at death, mean (range)75.4 (51–91)75.3 (57–86)
Disease duration, y, mean (range)15.1 (5–28)15.5 (8–27)
Response to levodopa17/1721/21
Motor fluctuations12/1710/21
Rest tremor14/1715/21
LB count, mean (range)5.9 (3–10)7.6 (3–10)
Neuropathological category of DLB9 L / 8 N7 L / 14 N