Table 3

Published reports of cases of gait apraxia in patients with degenerative and progressive paralysis caused by cerebral diseases

Author, yearCaseAge (years)SexLocalisation
*No necropsy report available.
F, frontal, F1, F2, F3: first, second, and third frontal gyri; L, left hemisphere; nr, not reported; R, right hemisphere.
Bonfiglio, 190863LS60MBrain atrophy (neurosyphilis, endoarteritis of Heubner artery)
Gerstmann & Schilder, 192614JM41MDementia*
Kleist, 193446ZG67, nrFMPick’s disease, L>R, predominantly F1, F2, F3; brain atrophy, predominantly F bilateral
Lange, 193664nrnrnrPick’s disease, predominantly F, R>L
Meyer & Barron, 196013268MNeurosyphilis, F bilateral atrophy
Petrovici, 196856AC56WPick’s disease, L>R, predominantly F
Rataj & Korohoda, 196965LP49MParkinson plus
Tyrell, 199416170WDementia*, hypometabolism (PET) bilateral medial F1 + cingulum.
Rossor et al, 199961269WAlzheimer’s disease + corticobasal dementia, hypometabolism (PET) bilateral medial F1 + cingulum.