Table 1

 Measures of parkinsonism on LD/CD, and 15 and 30 g of mucuna

LD/CD (SD)15 g mucuna (SD)30 g mucuna (SD)Difference LD/CD v 15 g mucuna (p value)Difference LD/CD v 30 g mucuna (p value)
LD/CD, l-dopa/carbidopa; SD, standard deviation.
All times indicated in minutes. Tapping: see Methods. UPDRS refers to motor score. Partial “on”: any clinical state where parkinsonism was above baseline level before and after reaching a full “on” state.
UPDRS baseline49.8 (12.7)49.5 (15.3)46.9 (10.7)NS0.046
Tapping baseline47.4 (11.0)44.0 (12.6)45.0 (13.6)NSNS
Best UPDRS “on”15.4 (7.8)15.5 (7.6)15.5 (8.5)NSNS
Best tapping “on”75.5 (21.3)78.5 (21.3)79.1 (15.0)NSNS
Duration of full “on”167.4 (55.3)147.3 (30.5)204.0 (55.1)NS0.021
Duration of full plus partial “on”232.0 (84.8)170.3 (38.0)278.1 (53.9)0.0360.036
Time to full “on”68.5 (29.0)45.6 (30.4)34.6 (13.6)0.0350.021
Time to beginning of “on”54.6 (24.5)27.8 (14.1)23.0 (11.5)0.0120.012