Table 2

 Stepwise backward multiple logistic regression analyses* of association with a rating of “difficult to help”

Variablep ValueWalddfR
*Variables in model: age; sex; extent to which symptoms were explained by organic disease; SF-36 scores (physical function, physical role function, bodily pain, and social function); number of somatic symptoms; PRIME-MD ratings of (1) the presence of any DSM-IV anxiety or depression diagnosis and (2) the presence of major depressive disorder; total HADS score.
†Increased difficulty with symptoms which were poorly explained by organic disease.
‡Increased difficulty with poorer physical function.
DSM-IV, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition; HADS, hospital anxiety and depression scale; PRIME-MD, primary care evaluation of mental disorders; SF-36, medical outcome study 36 item short form health questionnaire.
Symptoms explained by organic disease<0.0005†37.61−0.4
Physical function (SF-36)0.07‡3.31−0.07